by marktallowin


Only two more weeks to go till the 4.4.8 comes to a close.

GRACE JOEL is a freelance stylist, originally from Sydney, but now living in London. Her work has been featured in Dazed & Confused and Used magazines, as well as some of the more exotic Vogue’s; Turkey, Russia. Grace also contributes to a really interesting publication called Pages. She has taken the Split Wedge out with her today, working on a shoot at the races.

GAIL WILSON has just been passed the Flat Iron by fellow Scot Karen Dacre. Gail works at the Overseas Development Institute, a think tank which focuses on governmental policy and how it relates to poverty and welfare on the ground.

LAURA MARTIN runs her own PR company, looking after (among others) Foals and Metronomy. Whilst her focus is british bands, she has also been asked to work with Oya festival over in Oslo and Pitchfork in Paris. Laura is running (I imagine) round town this weekend with the Kettle Bell by her side.

ESPERANZA DE LA FUENTE has just taken over custody of the Ink Well clutch. She works at Elle magazine, on the fashion side of things. Her blog, called “Matches in my bag”, seems great, even if I can’t decode the Spanish.

There was some fantastic feedback from the previous participants, which is just below, so please take a look. Thanks again to them, and , as ever, a huge thanks to the new wave of 4.4.8’ers.