by marktallowin

One Conversion,
One Happy Coincidence,
A Good Suggestion and a Damn Good Drink.

From Gail:

I must confess. I am normally a backpack kind of girl. I’ve never understood how most men can go to work without a bag – shoving their keys and wallet in their pocket is sufficient – but me? (…)
However after one day with the Flat Iron, I’ve been converted. Not only is the bag big enough, and sturdy enough to carry my work life, it’s stylish, beautiful, smart but feminine – and most of all I feel great wearing it…


It’s been a pleasure taking your bag for a spin, had so much positive feedback this weekend!

I met Meishan on Friday for a coffee in the park and the hand over and before i knew that that was the 4.4.8 bag, i’d already commented on it! (…)
This weekend the bag followed me to the gym, the supermarket, a picnic, the races, and a job. So many designer bags are just covered in hardware and are so heavy before you even dare to put anything in it, kind of pointless. Seems really sturdy and versatile. The handle is also the perfect length for over the shoulder which i find a lot of other bags get wrong and it leather looks the best quality and looks like it would age well.

I was in the park yesterday with a photographer Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx. She was Xxxxx Xxxx’ assistant for years and now shoots for dazed, showstudio etc. She commented on the bag and i told her about it – and she had already heard about the project! She would like to participate next!

I will be sad to part with it, I think you’re going to be a huge success! xx

Received this from Laura M, writing in response to this question I asked her by email. “What’s good about my bags, what’s different? Anything frustrating? (Please be bold, I’m looking for honest responses here)”

I got the bag yesterday – it’s lovely.

1) I really like it; good size bag, fits my big wallet in, my make-up which is bulky, and a few other bits. I like the fact the strap fits under shoulder. (if it didn’t, i wouldn’t like it). I like the brass detail but wonder whether given a bit of time the leather would stretch on the main fastening making it hard to keep it closed. Like the simplicity of the design and the one strap – unusual …

The issue laura raised here (which I really appreciate) is already taken care of. The quality of leather I use means that, whilst there is a tiny bit of movement in the first few weeks, it settles down quickly, and then won’t shift for many years. I’ve started pre-stretching the leather, before it’s cut, and introduced a new tab design which I’m really proud of. There’s an image of this development on the Tallowin facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TallowinHandbags


Firstly, what I like about the bag is that its really well made, the leather its beautiful and its quite strong. I hate when leather bags start falling apart when you put things in them, so the fact that is quite resistant its a main point. Nothing frustrating really, for me its probably small ’cause I like to carry my diary, work notebook everyday and some other stuff that’s its probably not THAT necessary but it has helped me to EDIT what I need and what I don’t so its been quite interesting for me too. However, It’s actually quite a good size to go out .. And the clasp makes it very secure (I got my phone stolen twice in the last 6 months …without me realising someone opening my bag and taking it) ..

I am going to pass the bag to my lovely flatmate Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, she is junior fashion editor at Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx. Opposed to me she always wears small clutches where she can fit everything… so I thought she would probably like to wear this style.

Good luck with the project !

Espe x

ps: On my way to NYC with my boss, fashion director at ELLE, asked me where was the bag from and how nice it was.. (just thought you would like to know this).

Huge thanks to those involved, I really appreciate it. The next wave of 4.4.8.’ers will be announced shortly.