by marktallowin


Here’s my update. I am loving the bag, I will be extremely sad to pass it on. Style wise it is very much to my taste. Minimal chic and black. I always carry a lot of stuff with me and and it is the perfect size for fitting everything whilst not looking bulky. I also like that it stands up on its own, which is great because a lot if softer leather bags roll all over the place and my stuff falls out. If I had to make one criticism it would be that the closure is a little awkward, but it really is a very minor qualm. Overall I love it! In fact I’m really considering making a purchase. I have been getting loads of compliments and have become very attached to it!

On Friday I am passing it on to my friend Xxxxx who is a drummer and also works in restaurant PR at Xxxxx Xxxxxx. I will send you a photo of me with the bag in a couple of hours. Thanks for letting me be a part of this experience!


1) The Flat Iron and I got off to a great start. On my first day proudly sporting it around the office I heard that I had been successful in securing myself a new job, surely demonstrating its potential in the professional world! The bag is cut from a beautiful quality of leather, is roomy enough to hold all of the bits and bobs I feel the need to transport around with me and – oddly for the fact that I perhaps like this best – smell great. There’s nothing quite like the smell of real leather. (…)
Other things I loved were the studded feet on the base of the bag which gave it a sturdy purchase and protected the bottom from becoming worn which happens to some bags through daily use. It also has quite an androgynous, classically simple feel which suits my style; understated chic rather than gaudy and in your face.
Closing the bag was a little difficult, as had been mentioned, but I think there’s an argument that the look is worth the faff!

2) As hinted above I think the bag could be a real rival to the deluge of Longchamp bags which seem to have flooded the ‘professional commuter’ market (and for which I am shamefully guilty). If pitched right it could convince people to spend a little more on something of quality that will last, with the benefit that it sets them apart with a bag that is more unique. This may sound a little obvious given my complete lack of fashion / marketing expertise, but I think featuring the bag in publications like Stylist and the Evening Standard could be a fruitful avenue to explore. The only consideration for the designer should be how big he sees the company being able to grow!

3) I’m choosing my friend Xxxxx to pass the bag onto. Working as the brand marketing manager at Xxxxx Xxxxx clothing company she has a keen fashion eye and a great sense of style. She’s been looking for a new bag after a handle-breaking disaster in Battersea Park so will be especially aware of the pros and pitfalls of a good handbag!


The bag is really cute! I have a penchant for small pieces (that I then like to stuff my life into…) – It would be great if the card holder was more of a small pouch that I could fit change etc into but you can tell it will be reliable. The fastening detail is different and I love the soft leather, more to the point it’s super easy to carry round!.