by marktallowin


My ol’ faithful leather bag broke a few months ago,I therefore jumped at the chance to test drive the Flat Iron bag and take part in the 4.4.8 Experiment.
The first thing that strikes you about the Flat Iron is it’s smell. It’s made of a beautiful leather and smells so good! It looks beautiful too, it’s a sturdy bag with a hard, set structure. I love the simplicity of the bag, I don’t wear a lot of print and my style is quite pared back and minimal so it would suit me quite nicely. It’s amazing what a decent bag can do for your stature too. I work in quite a relaxed office environment so it’s not a requirement that I look smart everyday but using the bag reminded me even more that I need to ditch my current canvas bag. A good bag will last a lifetime and is worth the investment for sure.
I was sad to hand the bag back after using it, It definitely proved that it would be a worthy additional to my wardrobe. Fingers crossed that I will get my hands on it at the closing event this Friday!….


The leather is great quality and the straps are a good length and can be hooked over each other to stay secure, the shape is lovely and unusual and it stands up on its own which I love! (…) Generally very chic, I got lots of compliments!!