Things are naturally picking up momentum since the launch, but now its time to step things up a gear. At first, the standard approach seemed obvious; throw the net wide, email out a hundred press releases to all and sundry, try and catch some coverage, etc. etc. Then I struck on the totally opposite idea. What would happen if I only tell four people?

Four handbags : Four women.

This may seem a foolish move, but I wholeheartedly believe that my work should be able to speak for itself. I’ve invited four women, each at the very top of their field, to be the first wave in this experiment, and ill be announcing them shortly.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been making each of the Core Collection models, and I’m preparing to hand them over very soon. Each woman will use their bag for one week straight, and then decide, with total freedom, who the bag should be entrusted to next. This second person will then be loaned the bag for a week, and then asked to choose the next link in the chain. Besides choosing this first wave, I’m passing over all responsibility to the people involved, because i trust them, and because it’s important these bags find their own way in the world.